What are the benefits of compilation albums versus playlists?

What are the benefits of being on a compilation album instead of being added to a Spotify playlist?

While both can go hand in hand, compilation albums can provide an extra revenue stream and raise brand awareness in new markets.

Other benefits include:

  • Compilation albums will be published on all music and streaming services at once, while a playlist needs to be curated and published on every streaming service separately. For example, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc. 
  • Compilation albums can be streamed and bought, while playlists can only be streamed.
  • Once your song is on a compilation album, it will remain available forever, whereas a song featured on a playlist is likely to be removed / replaced with other songs.
  • Because compilation albums remain available, they will generate long-term royalty revenue. Once your playlisted song is removed / replaced, your royalty revenue stops immediately.
  • The percentage of mechanical royalties will be the same for both compilations and playlists. While the sales revenue for compilations seems low at 25% vs 80%* on streams (*depending on your distribution deal), sales from compilations are more stable and can result in more revenue than streams because compilations can also be bought and remain online forever.