Why should I undertake the process of signing up to a new platform, uploading my music, and tagging each track just to be compiled on one compilation for 25%?

Uploading a track to the system doesn’t mean you only feature in a single compilation. Music curators can include your track on all kinds of compilations.

From the consumer’s side, Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer playlists can only be streamed, not bought. Since Compigram releases are compilation albums, consumers are able to purchase these 'playlists' as well.

This new and innovative setup will generate more compilation albums which will in turn offer more choices to the consumer and additional revenue for artists and labels.

So, while royalties are 25%, they can provide an extra revenue stream and raise brand awareness for you in new markets. For example, if one song gets placed on 20 compilations with an average of 50K streams per song, that’s 1M streams per album — and that’s not even counting sales yet.

As for mechanical royalties, you keep 100% of those.